ZetaChain is live on Alchemy

ZetaChain is live on Alchemy

Published on June 27, 20242 min read
zetachain is live on alchemy

Today marks the launch of our support for ZetaChain, the first universal L1 blockchain.

Leveraging ZetaChain’s Universal EVM Stack and Alchemy’s best-in-class web3 infrastructure, we are empowering developers to build scalable Universal Apps. These apps can both natively access and be accessed from any connected chain without requiring users to switch networks.

Starting today, you can deploy on ZetaChain Mainnet and ZetaChain Testnet, and can access to Alchemy Supernode, Alchemy Subgraphs and our full suite of developer tools.

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ZetaChain is a omnichain network that enables developers to build universal applications accessible from any connected blockchain.

Key features include:

  • Universal liquidity access across all connected networks from a single deployment

  • Full compatibility with both existing and new chain integrations

  • Users can access Universal Apps from any connected chain using a single wallet

  • Native support for the Bitcoin network

By choosing to build on Alchemy, you gain access to:

  • Supernode, the most reliable and scalable infrastructure to build web3 dapps

  • Alchemy Subgraphs for faster shipping with custom GraphQL APIs

  • Powerful developer tools and a user-friendly dashboard

  • 24/7 support from the Alchemy team to help you build

ZetaChain is ranked among the top blockchains by active users, has generated over 135 million transactions, built an ecosystem of 260+ developers and partners, and has seen more than 7,300 dapp contracts deployed.

We're particularly excited about DeFi, social, Super Aggregator apps, and web3 gaming verticals:

Eddy Finance is a new Omnichain DEX that powers native cross-chain asset transfers and stableswaps across any blockchain.

With built in Bitcoin connectivity, Eddy Finance enables Bitcoin trades directly with other assets without the wrapped version or derivative and all with a single transaction.

Super Aggregator apps will be possible with Omnichain Accounts as part of the ZetaChain 2.0 roadmap. Learn more about this feature proposal here.

SugarFi is a new multichain-first social networking app that lets anyone create content, monetize, and socialize with the broader community across any chain.

With ZetaChain, Sugar onboards users and their assets from any chain and powers payments and transfers to friends in a simple UX. This solves the challenge of chain fragmentation in web3, historically limiting a fluid social networking experience.

Upcade is a web3 gaming hub enabling seamless, multi-player game experiences from any chain. Users can even deposit native BTC for in-game activities like play-to-earn and digital asset shopping. ZetaChain enables Upcade users to play games across chains, including Bitcoin, and to participate in omnichain matchmaking.

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