Bamboo Relay

Bamboo Relay needed dependable infrastructure so engineers could sleep at night

Bamboo Relay is a leading 0x and bZx relayer (hosts off-chain order book). Users can trade, lend or borrow ERC20 tokens trustlessly from their own wallets.

5 hours
"Alchemy powers some of the biggest names in the Ethereum ecosystem, and in our eyes, is the only serious solution for mission-critical dApps and websites."


Bamboo Relay experienced numerous real-world node failures. Recovering from those issues took up to 5 hours each and often woke up the team at night. With Alchemy, Bamboo Relay’s engineers no longer need to be on call at all hours to handle production issues.


Alchemy has saved Bamboo Relay countless engineering hours

Bamboo Relay used to run on brittle infrastructure riddled with issues like nodes crashing and requiring manual reboots, server disk space filling up, and blockchain data being corrupted. These issues could often take up to 5 hours to resolve and often required troubleshooting during unfavorable hours.

“Since working with Alchemy, Bamboo Relay has had zero infrastructure-related downtime.”

Bamboo Relay now uses Alchemy for all of their blockchain infrastructure needs. This has been instrumental in helping them scale as they are able to focus on building new user experiences. In fact, since working with Alchemy, Bamboo Relay has reported zero infrastructure-related downtime.


Reliability when it matters most

Bamboo Relay has seen incredible growth over the past year, boasting users from all over the world, and can rely on stable infrastructure as they continue to scale. They’ve also been active in sharing their experience within the blockchain community and even wrote a subprovider to emulate Alchemy’s Enhanced APIs for local test nets, like Ganache.



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