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Infura is a leading all-in-one infrastructure provider for blockchain developers.

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What is Infura?

The Infura Protocol was launched by E.G. Galano in 2016 with the objective of becoming the most comprehensive toolsuite for Web3 developers in the industry. Primarily, Infura provides developers with reliable RPC nodes. Using Infura, developers can transmit data between their applications and the blockchain itself. With an exhaustive list of blockchain development APIs, tools and infrastructure solutions, Infura has helped household names like Uniswap, Compound and Ethernity get their applications off the ground. Offering support on a multitude of networks such as Ethereum, Polygon, NEAR and Avalanche, Infura is the trusted service provider for over 400,000 blockchain developers across the fields of Decentralized Finance, NFTs and IFPS.

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