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Silo Finance
Silo Finance
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Silo Finance

Silo Finance creates permissionless and risk-isolated lending markets.

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What is Silo Finance?

Our novel approach to lending creates a much more secure model than regular shared-pool DeFi lending platforms. Silo uses an isolated-pool approach where every token asset has its own lending market and is paired against the bridge assets ETH and Silo's over-collateralized stablecoin XAI. Lenders in all protocols are only exposed to the risk of ETH and XAI at any given time. Lenders deposit funds into an isolated lending market consisting of Token ABC and the bridge asset only. If Token XYZ experiences an exploit, Token ABC lenders will not be affected since the risk is isolated to the Token XYZ market. In addition, since all tokens are paired with ETH or XAI, there is only a single market for every token asset, preventing fractured liquidity and allowing greater protocol efficiency. This is as opposed to pure lending pair approaches, where a new lending market is created for each additional pairing.

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