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Syndr is the world's first cross-margined options and futures exchange on Arbitrum.

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What is Syndr?

Syndr is an institutional-grade decentralized exchange for trading derivatives. Syndr enables traders to trade options, perpetual & futures on the same platform with no compromises, combining high performance & high capital efficiency. Notable features of Syndr include: (1.) High-performance order book: Traders can trade with extremely low latency on Syndr's high-performance order book; (2.) Cross-margin and portfolio margin**:** Syndr uses cross-margining for everything on the platform, including support for portfolio margin; (3.) USD-margined, everything: everything in USD; (4.) Native block trading: 2 counter-parties can easily execute block trades on Syndr; (5.) Best-in-class UX: Syndr has one-click deposits and withdrawals, no gas fees for trading, integrations with fiat onramps & smooth UI for both retail as well as professional traders; (6.) Institutional-grade: Syndr is DeFi's 1st institutional-grade derivatives exchange and can be easily integrated with institutional liquidity networks & trading tools such as automated RFQs, option & futures analytics platforms, platforms offering audit trails, directories of potential counterparties with selective KYC/AML, compliance providers, etc.; (7.) Structured products: Syndr will offer sophisticated strategies segregated by risk profiles which settle on our exchange; (8.) Non-custodial: Users on Syndr always maintain control of their funds. Syndr never takes custody of any user funds.

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