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XDAO is the fastest framework to create and manage decentralized autonomous organizations.

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What is XDAO?

XDAO is a fully customizable DAO builder for treasury management, multi-sig wallet, and the platform for investment. DAOs on XDAO can be any-sized companies. XDAO was created with the idea to make DAOs the place for crypto mass adoption by providing the tools for groups to control mutual treasury, build communities and invest in DeFi. XDAO was created specifically for venture funds, investment pools, startups, DeFi projects, NFT, and GameFi collectors. With XDAO, you can manage the treasury of the DeFi project, manage and distribute (salary, marketing, etc.) capital in any organization on the blockchain, invest in DeFi with shared assets, buy NFTs and collectively participate in GameFi, carry out charitable activities, participate jointly in allocations, IDO, launchpad, manage family assets, and much more.

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