Base Goerli Testnet
Lava Network

Base Goerli Testnet RPC Endpoint

Lava Network RPC Endpoint for Base Goerli Testnet

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Network Details

These are the network configuration details you will need to manually add this RPC endpoint to your wallet.

How to Add Lava Network's Base Goerli Testnet RPC Endpoint to MetaMask

  1. Click the "Add to MetaMask button
  2. The screen will say "Allow this site to add a network?"
  3. Make sure the details match the details provided on this page
  4. Click "Approve"
  5. Then, you will see a screen that says, "Allow this site to switch the network?"
  6. Make sure the website is ""
  7. Click "Switch network"

How to Manually Add Lava Network's Base Goerli Testnet RPC Endpoint to Any Wallet

  1. Open your wallet's settings
  2. Go to the "Add a New Network" section (this will be different for each wallet)
  3. Using MetaMask as an example, click the down arrow next to the chain you're currently connected to
  4. Click "Add network"
  5. Click "Add a network manually"
  6. Finally, copy and paste the Base Goerli Testnet network details into your wallet

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