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Cypher Wallet
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Cypher Wallet

An all-in-one noncustodial wallet to buy, sell, manage, bridge, or stake crypto across 12+ chains

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What is Cypher Wallet?

Web3 adoption has been slow as new users struggle to enter the complex new world - blockchains, tokens, L2 & L3 layers, swapping, bridging, gas fees and much more. In other words, Web3 is far too challenging today for your average new user. Cypher Wallet’s mission is to unlock Web3 for the next billion users by providing seamless money movement. Cypher Wallet fixes this by allowing users to seamlessly bridge across blockchains within the wallet, connect to their favorite dApp in multiple ecosystems and manage their full portfolio of crypto within one noncustodial wallet. It’s your all-in-one noncustodial multichain wallet.

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