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US3R Network
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US3R Network

US3R Network makes it easy for developers to build off-chain decentralized storage (eg. Ceramic).

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What is US3R Network?

Currently, there is a lack of straightforward methods for developing user-friendly client-side Web3 applications as compared to Web2. In Web2, setting up a database on an AWS instance allows the client-side app to easily interact with the database for reading and writing purposes. However, in Web3, there is no equivalent solution available. Simply storing data directly into Layer 1 blockchains is not feasible for most applications due to the high costs involved. While storage protocols like Filecoin are primarily designed for archiving data, they do not offer enterprise-grade performance guarantees such as low latency or familiar interfaces like SQL for efficiently retrieving the stored data. US3R Network is a development platform and dapps ecosystem that makes it easy for developers to build off-chain decentralized storage (eg. Ceramic) with an integrated suite of toolkits including a data wallet, data explorer, and developer console as well as protocol enhancements.

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