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Developing on-chain reputation primitives and a reputation-based token distribution platform.

What is Astraly?

Astraly recognizes the potential of on-chain reputation systems, and is developing systems that allow projects to reward their communities, create better governance models, and many more exciting use cases.  Astraly is not a product, but rather a protocol that provides an on-chain architecture that allows anyone to build their own reputation system. It is composed of two major parts, which are the Badges and Scores (aggregation of the different badges). The project's core thesis is that there is more reputation data about you on the internet than is currently connected to your online profile, and they want to change that. By being an on-chain protocol, Astraly aims to allow builders to create systems that track developers' and contributors' actions on Discord, Twitter, and governance forums and reward them accordingly. 

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User Interface of crypto currency wallet

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