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CyBirb audits, analyzes, and monitors blockchain, smart contracts, Web3 Aaps, DeFi projects with AI.

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What is CyBirb?

CyBirb, powered by Avalance - a leading cybersecurity firm, has taken steps to secure the web3 space. The cyber security solutions offered by CyBirb cater to both on-chain and off-chain services. From identifying vulnerabilities in smart contract code to constantly monitoring blockchain projects - CyBirb removes bottlenecks, identifies threats, and offers solutions to secure the projects, users, and ultimately web3. CyBirb offers a one-stop solution that caters to all the needs of a cryptocurrency project. The firm offers solutions pertaining to services and products of the blockchain ecosystem. This includes DeFi projects, exchanges, oracles, crowd sales, blockchain networks, etc. It also extends its support for wallet tracing to oversee compliance and safeguard transactions. The typical cybersecurity solutions in web2 primarily involve testing the product before its deployment and blocking the network in case of a threat. However, the traditional solutions no longer apply to the web3 innovation. The blockchain systems, based on web3, require thorough testing and monitoring of the smart contract code before its deployment, as it is difficult to stop the blockchain network. This is why CyBirb also facilitates penetration testing programs and smart monitoring, which works to identify anomalies to resolve them and secure the source code. Web3 provides a new approach to the internet for companies, users, and solutions. Subsequently, it is necessary to take a different approach for cybersecurity in web3 as well. The cybersecurity solutions of CyBirb ensure that the space can innovate with the least amount of friction.

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