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DAOHub offers AI-powered data analytics and governance solutions for DAOs.

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What is DAOhub?

DAOhub platform includes several products, such as a voting product that sends email notifications when a new proposal is created and provides a ChatGPT summarized version to make it easier for members to vote. They also have a data analytics product that provides sentiment analysis, subjectivity analysis, and engagement tracking for community-based Web3 companies. In addition, DAOhub offers a ChatGPT search product that uses AI-powered technology to search and analyze discussions in community-based Web3 companies. They believe that their platform fills an important need in the Web3 ecosystem by providing DAOs with the necessary tools to make informed decisions and build stronger communities. With DAOhub, DAOs can leverage the power of AI and data analytics to improve their decision-making processes and foster more engaged and productive communities.

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