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Fluo Finance
Fluo Finance
DeFi Yield Farming Platforms

Fluo Finance

Fluo Finance helps liquidity providers automatically perform market-making strategies on any DEX.

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What is Fluo Finance ?

Fluo Finance solves the problem of insufficient liquidity on perp DEXs. Liquidity providers can deposit USD in the vaults, which directly flows into perp DEXs. Hence liquidity providers earn market-making fees and liquidity incentives from traders. It is the first omni-chain liquidity platform helping liquidity providers perform market-making strategies on any chain, and on any decentralized exchanges in an automated and dynamic way. It will start with Ethereum, Arbitrum, Cosmos, zkSync Era, and BNB Chain and expand to other chains rapidly.  Their aim is to generate market-making returns to users over time all across crypto, while also having a gauge, bribing, and bonding mechanism to allow other DEXs and protocols to incentivize your liquidity and loyalty.

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