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GuardianUI is an end-to-end testing and monitoring platform for Web3 apps.

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Freemium, Open-source

What is GuardianUI?

GuardianUI is an end-to-end testing and monitoring platform for Web3 apps, offering a suite of products designed to improve front-end security and UX in the crypto space. Their suite of products makes it easy for Web3 developers to create reliable, robust, and safe applications for users. GuardianUI products include: (1.) GuardianTest - Their open source end-to-end testing framework enabling devs to write full e2e tests, including smart contract interactions; (2.) Frontend Security Monitoring - It makes sure dapps create the correct smart contract interactions and are safe for users (e.g., detecting frontend attacks). This is a paid product and utilizes tests written with GuardianTest; (3.) Storycheck - It enables you to convert text into test code using natural language.

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