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Minnapad is a Create-to-Earn (C2E) DAO platform with legendary Japanese creators such as Mega Man.

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What is Minnapad?

Minnapad is a C2E DAO platform with legendary Japanese creators such as Mega Man, Tekken, Final Fantasy, and Yu-Gi-Oh! for making the next big IPs. It solves these problems: (1.) Limited access to legendary Japanese creators; (2.) Centralized decision-making and ownership; (3.) Limited monetization opportunities for creators. Minnapad is a Create-to-Earn DAOs’ launchpad and NFT marketplace that provides access to legendary Japanese creators — or ‘Legends’ — for the wider entertainment community. It connects retro gaming fans, creators, and crypto enthusiasts with legendary Japanese game creators, fostering collaboration and mentorship. Minnapad is a launchpad for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), empowering community-driven decision-making and shared ownership of intellectual properties (IPs). Through shared ownership models, NFT sales, and royalties, Minnapad enables creators to unlock new revenue streams and be rewarded for their creativity and contributions within the Minnapad ecosystem.

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