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OPX Finance
OPX Finance
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OPX Finance

OPX Finance is a next-generation decentralized exchange built on Optimism.

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What is OPX Finance?

Founded in 2022, OPX Finance is a decentralized exchange that offers spot trading and perpetual futures trading with up to 30x leverage on short and long positions. It is a fork of GMX.IO and has a multi-asset pool that earns liquidity providers fees from market making, swap fees, and leverage trading. OPX uses Chainlink oracles and an aggregate of prices from leading volume exchanges to support dynamic pricing, and it offers very low transaction fees and protection against liquidation events. The platform features solid governance, allowing the community to vote on how to develop the project, and its OPX token is a governance and utility token that holders can use for all DarkCrypto Foundation applications.

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