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xLog is an on-chain and open-source blogging community for everyone.

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Free, Transaction Fees, Open-source

What is xLog?

The key highlights of xLog include: (1.) Easy: Connect with your Web3 wallet or email. Build your own site with custom domains, subscriptions, likes, comments, and minting as NFT, RSS, and more in one second. No fees and no friction; (2.) Safe: All blog data, including configs, posts, subscriptions, comments, etc., are signed and securely stored on the blockchain. No one else, including xLog, can make any changes; (3.) Fast: xLog's efficient caching mechanism and numerous optimizations take its performance to the peak; (4.) Customizable: Use your own domain, customize your site, and style it however you like. With xLog, you build your site the way you like; there are no restrictions; (4.) Open: xLog uses standard Markdown with export and import tools and rich APIs for a painless move-in and out. All code is open source on GitHub, and all data is transparent on the blockchain. The domain name, navigation bar, and custom styles, all as you wish, and stored on the blockchain.

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