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World's first decentralized precious metal exchange.

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What is DEMX?

DEMX aims to solve: (1.) Cryptocurrencies face versus fiat currencies is value volatility. (2.) If payments were made in crypto, hedging is required for every transaction. (3.) Stable tokens backed by USD, USD is minted out of thin air. (4.) Unbacked crypto and fiat currencies cause inflation and high interest. (5.) Muslim community does not use crypto because it is not HALAL. (5.) DeFi (Interest) is not acceptable for Muslims. Here's how DEMX's vision works: (1.) Backed cryptocurrencies have low volatility. (2.) Crypto metals derive their value from the physical metal they're backed with. (3.) Crypto metals have limited supply and traditional value. (4.) Crypto metals provide a natural economic cycle with limited supply. (5.) Backed crypto assets are allowed in Muslim countries.

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