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GateKeeper offers a drop-in integration for gating content and access controls.

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What is GateKeeper?

GateKeeper is integrated with multiple KYC providers. Issue KYC proofs to your users and integrate GateKeeper with your dapp to remain compliant. The anonymous nature of Web3 makes botting a huge problem within Web3. GateKeeper can be used to gate access to UI based on "Proof of personhood." This offers a solution to the botting problem. GateKeeper could be used in this respect to circumvent the gaming of airdrops by bot wallet. There are hundreds of varying DID methods for issuing verifiable credentials. This fragments identity datapoint. GateKeeper solves this by aggregating them. Log-in credentials are archaic and come with a myriad of problems. GateKeeper could be used to issue "Proof of Account" credentials as a means to abstract the need for login credentials.

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