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Up to 200% APR Dual Investments Unlock CLMM High Returns for Everyone.

What is ReHold?

ReHold is an innovative DeFi protocol that uses the mechanics of CLMMs to enable short trades with high annual returns. The secret lies in the precision of setting price ranges in CLMM — this enables us to provide high returns on investments exclusively designed for a concise time frame of 12- or 24- hours. The income is generated by providing liquidity to DEXs pools using the CLMM feature and collecting all fees from trades made within our chosen price range. We have a unique algorithm that helps us identify the most profitable price range for liquidity provision. ReHold is a decentralized company based on smart contracts operating across Ethereum, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, and Avalanche. We utilize a Layer 2 solution on Arbitrum Nova to enhance security. Our code is open-source and available on GitHub, ensuring transparency. Once you participate in a specific Dual Investment pool, the smart contract guarantees your returns post-staking period. We've successfully undergone comprehensive audits conducted by CertiK and PeckShield, leading names in the security industry. For regular security surveillance, we've incorporated Hacken's Extractor. Additionally, with the rise of DeFi threats, we're doubling down on your security at ReHold. We maintain an active Bug Bounty Program with CertiK, ensuring constant vigilance for platform integrity. ReHold has public founders with a lot of experience in Fintech, who are always open to discussing users' wishes and complaints. The largest media Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, and Benzinga wrote about ReHold. You can easily find these articles by yourself on Google. What are the benefits of using Dual Investment? High yield. ReHold offers up to 200% APR thanks to the effective price range calculation on CLMMs. Easy. You don't have to make up sophisticated trading strategies to earn — simply lock your tokens and claim more in 12 or 24 hours. Non-custodial. ReHold is a DeFi tool, so there's no registration and the platform never has access to your private keys.

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