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Rome Terminal
Rome Terminal
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Rome Terminal

Rome Terminal brings your DeFi exploration and execution together: side-by-side on a single page.

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What is Rome Terminal?

Rome Terminal launched in 2021 amid a market of hype and half-formed protocols for traders. Founders JD Gagnon and Alexander Szul discovered a usability gap in all other DeFi Dashboards: exploration alongside execution.  As part of the RBL Tech Suite, Rome Terminal provides enterprise-grade data via transaction tables and price charts for all your analysis needs. Whether you want to save and share your TA or simply explore a new pair on your favorite network, Rome Terminal provides a trader-oriented interface. Once a trader has moved beyond DYOR into active trading, transactional execution is available on the same page. Your favorite, trusted dApps, from DEXs to borrowing, bridges to yield farming, are all available in a single-page solution.

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